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Brand: OOZE
The Ooze Quad battery is a 510 thread, 500mAh vape pen battery with a square shape. This new shape actually protects the cartridge, your battery will never roll off the edge of the table, cracking your cartridge again! This is a flex temp device; cycle through the 4 voltage levels by clicking the bu..
Brand: OOZE
Best-selling, most-reliable vape pen just went PRO! Introducing the Slim Twist Pro Kit, your new go-to device for both oil cartridges AND concentrate vaping. This is an excellent starter kit for anyone just starting to get into concentrates, while still pleasing the seasoned smoking veteran.The ..
Brand: OOZE
The Ooze Slim twist battery is an adjustable voltage battery that can give you the ideal temperature for whatever you are using it for.  Using a new preheat mode, this is the ideal battery for novices and experts.Features:-- Preheat Mode- Adjustable Voltage: 3.3V - 4.8V- 15 Seconds Hold Time- F..
Brand: OOZE
The NEW Ooze Smart USB charger is a rapid-charging compatible with all screw-on 510 vape pen batteries. This little guy protects your pen against overcharging with its auto shut-off feature. The light on the charger will turn green when your pen reaches full charge, and it will stop sending power fr..
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