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Brand: MR FOG
Mr fog Max DisposablePuffs per Device: 1000 puffsLiquid 3.5MLBattery 600mAhflavors:Mango PineappleApple BerryStrawberry Watermelon KiwiRainbow Ice..
Brand: MR FOG
Flavors:Red Kola -NEWPineapple Berry -NEWLychee Mango - NEWStrawberry Dough Ring -NEWPeach Pineapple IceApple Grape IcePeach Blue Raspberry IceStrawberry Raspberry Cherry IceWatermelon Kiwi IcePeach Strawberry Watermelon IceGrape GummiesTropical GummiesStrawberry Peach PearBlue Raspberry Cherry Lemo..
Brand: MR FOG
5% Nicotine Salt2000 Puffs Approx.E-Liquid Capacity: 7mLDraw-ActivatedDisposable – Non-Rechargeable and Non-RefillableProtection: Overheating, Short-circuit..
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