A 5-piece grinder is a type of herb grinder that consists of five interlocking pieces that work together to grind up dry herbs or other materials for smoking or vaping.

The five pieces of the grinder fit together in a top, two middle, and bottom configuration, adding an extra compartment above the bottom piece. The top part typically contains the grinding teeth or pegs, while the first, middle piece contains holes or slots that allow the ground herbs to fall through into the second central piece. The second middle piece often includes a fine mesh screen to filter out unwanted particles or debris. The extra compartment in the bottom part is designed to collect kief or pollen that falls through the screen in the second middle piece. One advantage of a 5-piece grinder is its ability to collect and store kief or pollen separately from the ground herbs, allowing users to save and use it later for a more potent smoking or vaping experience. The kief compartment is often removable for easy access and cleaning. Another advantage of a 5-piece grinder is its ability to filter out unwanted particles or debris through the fine mesh screen in the second middle piece, resulting in a smoother and cleaner smoking or vaping experience.

However, 5-piece grinders are typically more extensive and complex than 2-, 3-, or 4-piece grinders, making them more challenging to use and clean. They may also be more expensive than their simpler counterparts due to their additional features and construction.


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