A rolling tray is a flat rectangular surface designed to roll dry herbs. Rolling trays are made from various materials such as metal, silicone, wood and plastic. Rolling trays made from sustainable wood such as bamboo provide the most authentic experience. Whether medical or recreational, if you like getting blazed you need a rolling tray. The tray provides an easy, smooth and sanitary rolling experience. 

Rolling trays come in various sizes. Large is 14 x 11 inches , Medium is 11 x 7.5  inches, and small is 7.5 x 5.5 inches. Larger trays are great if you getting blasted with the fam at a party where each one of you can roll your own. For personal use, you can obtain a mini, small, medium, large or a extra large. 

Ak Wholesale is a leading distributor of rolling trays from Chicago, Illinois. Delivering all your  needs in all tray sizes at lowest wholesale price. Keep Blazing, stay amazing! 

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