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Brand: RAW
The RAW Black Smell Proof Smokers Pouch keeps your legal herbs fresh and flavorful, no matter how much you’re storing! Each pouch has five layers of smell proof protection built-in along with a silicone covered zipper. The inner pouch is fully removable and is made of moisture blocking foil that als..
Brand: RAW
The RAW Dank Locker CarryRAWl is perfect for smokers on the go who bring the good but don’t want to smell like the good! Features an integrated combination lock, double siliconized smell-reducing zippers, hard-sided cross-elastic accessory panels (for holding your papers, tips, lighters, etc.), 5+1 ..
Brand: RAW
Simple and practical, this lightweight RAW Black Drawstring Bag cinches up to securely carry everything from shoes to books to, of course, RAW Rolling Papers.This RAW Bag measures up at 17 inches high x 13.25 inches wide and lays flat. Pull the drawstring and keep all your gear securely inside and o..
Brand: RYOT
The Flat Pack is discrete and designed to keep your stash and accessories dry and odors on lockdown. This 2 in 1 drop style bag comes in several sizes. The outer shell is 100% SMELL-PROOF, WATER-PROOF and built to withstand heavy use in any conditions. The integrated and removable SmellSafe carbon l..
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