The type of batteries commonly used for vaping is known as "18650" batteries, which are composed of two parts - 18 and 65. The number 18 represents the battery's diameter in millimeters, while 65 pertains to its length of 65 mm. Therefore, a 18650 battery has a diameter of 18 mm and stands 65 mm tall.

The term "510" pertains to the female screw thread design found on one end of a battery, consisting of 10 x 5mm threads. This design is widely recognized as the most compatible connection type for vape pens globally, offering a secure and durable connection.

These batteries, known as 21700, were created to be a bigger and higher-capacity alternative to the 18650 batteries. They share the 18650's nominal voltage of 3.6/3.7V and are intended to replace them in EV battery packs. The 21700 batteries have a capacity of approximately 4,000 to 5,000 mAh.

To ensure compatibility between the vape pen and charger, it's important to select the appropriate charger that fits the specific vaporizer or box mod. Although it may not be a complicated task, purchasing a replacement charger separately from the vape pen can add some complexity to the process.

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