A nectar collector is a smoking device that vaporizes and consumes Concentrates, such as Wax or Oil. It typically consists of a Glass or Silicone tube with a tip made of Titanium or Quartz that is heated and then used to touch the concentrate, creating vapor inhaled through the other end of the tube. The user heats the tip of the nectar collector with a Torch Lighter or other heat source and then dips the hot tip into the concentrate to vaporize it. The vapor is then drawn through the nectar collector and inhaled through the mouthpiece. Concentrate enthusiasts often prefer nectar collectors because they can provide a more direct and efficient way to consume concentrates than other methods, such as dabbing with a rig or using a vape pen.

Experienced concentrate users often use Nectar collectors for a more customized and personalized smoking experience. They come in various sizes and styles. Some nectar collectors may also be designed for use with water, similar to a traditional dab rig. It's important to note that using a nectar collector can be dangerous if not used properly, as the tip can become very hot and cause burns or other injuries. It's also essential to use high-quality concentrates and clean the nectar collector regularly to ensure it functions properly.

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