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Colibri offers the Firebird Hookah Jet lighter as a conveniently angled single torch flame lighter that stays cool to the touch while lighting anything. Equipped with a wind-resistant flame and a comfortable side trigger, the Hookah lighter is perfect for lighting up your cigar, pipe, hookah or herb..
Firebird by Colibri, delivers a very handy torch with the Illume cigar lighter. Equipped with a triple torch flame, an over-sized fuel adjustment wheel and a built-in caribiner, a see-through body which is perfect for knowing your precise fuel levels and a rubberized body, the Illume is a great ligh..
The Firebird Rogue is a NEW lighter from Colibri and boasts a full metal body, an auto-open lid, near-zero misfire, easy flame adjustment wheel and a ginormous fuel window. This lighter is truly unexpected!Made with Colibri's state-of-the-art Quantum Ignition System that requires no batteries or fli..
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