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The Stella Glass Mouthpiece is a premium borosilicate mouthpiece, carefully contoured for optimal ergonomics. Not only does the glass offer a window to your vapor path, it also provides a cool, smooth touch to your experience. A traditionalist knows there’s nothing better than glass.The glass is acc..
★How to fill water into the bubbler attachment?Fill a cup with water, insert the bottom of the water pipe into the water, then use your mouth to draw water up from the top/ mouthpiece of the bubbler attachment and remove the bubbler attachment from the water cup during the suction process while cont..
This replacement glass percolator fits the Lookah Seahorse Max dab pen and the Unicorn electric dab rig. This percolator is made from borosilicate glass; the inner central cone is frosted and has 4 holes. These should be about 1 centimeter below the water level to allow for optimal percolation of th..
Features and Specification:-Bulb Pyrex Glass Tube 5mLTFV8 Baby TankTFV8 Baby Carbon Fiber EditionBrit Mini Flavor TankBulb Pyrex Glass Tube 6mLTFV8 X-Baby Tank (Standard Edition Only)Bulb Pyrex Glass Tube 7mLTFV8 Big Baby TankTFV8 Big Baby EU TankTFV8 X-Baby EU TankBulb Pyrex Glass Tube 7.5mLResa Pr..
Brand: YOCAN
Features:Made from High-Quality Glass MaterialWorks as a Water BubblerMagnetic ConnectionAbout the Yocan Dive Mini Replacement Glass AttachmentYocan’s latest entry to the dab pen category, the Yocan Dive Mini Dab Pen Vaporizer, boasts superior customization in a small and compact unit. One of its be..
Brand: YOCAN
About the Yocan FLAME Glass AttachmentThe Yocan FLAME Vaporizer is outfitted with a glass attachment that significantly improves the quality of the vapors you get from this multi-functional wax vaporizer. The Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment is a replacement part that boasts the same features and specif..
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